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University and School Carpet Cleaning from Professionals

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Get a safe and clean environment for your students and staff.

Don't let your education facility become a breeding ground for germs, viruses, and bacteria. University carpet needs consistent maintenance to prevent long term and permanent damage from the countless students in your building. Our cleaning processes include disinfecting even the toughest floors to help protect your students and faculty.

Our Services Eliminate:

Germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and more collect in floors and grow while no one is looking. Mold can run wild in the moist environment of the school bathrooms. Carpeted areas provide a place for unwanted particles to hide. A professional cleaning will attack the germs lurking and remove the allergens hiding in every carpet fiber.
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We Clean Floors in:

University Cleaning Services

It can be hard to manage cleaning services for every building on campus. Also considering the price for university-wide janitorial services, it will take extra time and money to include deep carpet cleaning. Talk to a representative about potential bundle deals and packages for mass cleaning.

High School Cleaning Services

As students navigate the halls, they track in mud, dirt, and allergens. We recommend a deep floor cleaning at least once every school year. High schools have a high amount of student traffic, which can wear away at your floors. With professional services, you can extend the life of your floors.

Elementary Cleaning Services

We can assist your school janitorial services with deep cleaning for every classroom. Our kid-friendly cleaning solutions create a safe environment for everyone from Kindergarten to 8th grade.
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Daycare Cleaning Services

Have a sparkling clean learning environment for your daycare. We only use products that are safe for everyone.
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