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Hardwood Floor Cleaning
for a Lasting Shine


Hardwood floors add a sense of beauty to homes. It's an attractive type of flooring because it's easy to clean, can add a shine to your rooms, and offers many affordable options. However, without proper maintenance, hardwood floors can become a collection of dirt, pollen, and allergens that affect your health and the look of your home.

Clean hardwood floors will make your home more inviting. A professional deep clean will also provide a lasting shine. In addition to a better shine, it will also fight allergies caused by pollen hiding deep in the cracks of your hardwood floors. Weekly sweeping and mopping with a dust mop will not eliminate everything in your floors, but a routine deep clean is still necessary.

It also provides a fresh shine that stands out. Hardwood floors do not collect the same amount of dirt as carpets. The best way to maintain clean wood floors is an occasional sweep and mop. High-traffic areas with hardwood floors will need to be cleaned more often.

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What can you use to get a greasy laminate floor clean?

A mixture of vinegar and water can do the trick. Make sure to sweep before washing the floors. Without consistent and proper cleaning, laminate floors can become sticky and need more focused maintenance. To avoid that, clean regularly and never let a spill sit on the flooring.

Is water mopping ok to use on wooden floors?

Yes. However, it will not attack the pollen and other allergens hiding in the cracks. Use a hardwood floor cleaner and a damp mop that's safe for your hardwood floors, or call us for a professional clean that lasts.

How to make hardwood floors shine?

Start with a microfiber mop and a shine solution. If you can, find out what type of hardwood is in your home—different types need different solutions. You don't want to use something that hurts your floors. If you're not sure where to begin, call a professional.

Does vacuuming scratch wood floors?

It's common to use a vacuum on hardwood floors, but it can damage the flooring. You should always remove the beater bar before use. The beater bar is typically used to break up fibers in the carpet so the vacuum can clean more in the hard-to-reach areas of the carpet. When mopping a kitchen floor, use a cleaning solution with a microfiber mop for safe cleaning.
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Can I repair scrapes in a hardwood floor?

For simple scrapes: Use a wood stain pen that matches the color of your floors. Gently fill in the scraped area of the hardwood floor.

For deep scratches: Use wood filler that's close to the stain color of the floor. Gently fill the scratch with the wood filler.

If the scratches or scrapes are deep and noticeable after using a wood filler or a stain pen, you may have to scrub with sandpaper, but this is rough on the floors and will remove seal and stain. We suggest that as a last-ditch effort. Call a professional for proper hardwood care.
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